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Attribution 101 with Jess Bahr

We heard you – attribution is a big pain-point. In this MasterCourse, Jess gives us an overview of common attribution models, machine-learning powered options, and 3 easy tips to drive attribution in your organization.

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Digging Into Attribution.

The three topics Jess covers in the course.

Common Attribution Models
We start with a brief overview of common attribution approaches such as single touch, multi-touch, and custom models.
Machine-Learning Powered Options
Attribution at scale can be challenging. We’ll share a few machine-learning models designed for scale such as Shapley Value/Game Theory and Markov Chain.
3 Easy Tips to Drive Attribution
It doesn’t have to be so complicated. Go to war with the (data) army you have, focus on what matters most, and make it an iterative process.

The Video Course.